Saturday, 18 October 2014

Challenge 258 - show a feather!

Howdy there folks, what a mix of weather!  Torrential rain for 48 hours solid, honestly I was starting to get webbed feet, then it was windy... and today I'm in a T-shirt and short sleeved cardigan.  I have to say I prefer todays outfit over sou'wester and galoshes!

Thanks to our players from last week, some more ideas stolen  inspiration for my Christmas cards ;)

So the winner as chosen by the RPT is Darcy please grab yourself our winners blink Darcy.

So this week we'd like you to show a feather!  So it can be in any way you can from birds to a single feather.

The Gorjussettes have some inspiration to share;

So did those tickle your fancy?  We'd love to see your feathery creations too.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Challenge 257 - Traditional Christmas colours

Well howdy there folks, late again!  In my defence we've just arrived back from holiday and I was super pooped.

Thanks to last weeks players and the winner is Karen please grab yourself the winners badge.

So this week we're thinking Christmas,  I believe there will be one this year.... and its good to get ahead!

So a nice easy start - lets see some traditional christmas colours!

A little inspiration....

Super cute huh?

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Challenge 256 - Sympathy

Quick visit - at least earlier than I have been!

Thanks to our players from last week - the winner and blinkie getter is Andrea - this week we have another challenging theme for you.  This week its sympathy or if you prefer sorry.  A card often needed but not one we always enjoy making.

A little inspiration for you;

So there you go - we'd love to see your makes too - remember our DT call.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Challenge 255 - young boy

Howdy there folks a quick one from exhausted corner!  So thanks to last weeks players - not many babies around huh?

The RPT has done his stuff and he's chosen Marja as our winner - please grab our badge!

This week we'd like to see a card for a young boy - we all have them in our families somewhere!  It can be for any theme you like - birthday, Christmas or what you wish.

As always a spot of inspiration from the Gorjussettes

Super cute huh?

Remember the DT call is still open - add DT after your entry or email.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Challenge 254 - baby!

Yo!  Well today started out sunny.... notice the use of the word started....

Now thanks to our players from last week - as always one winner and as chosen by the RPT is  Myran Please grab our badge and show it off!

This week our theme is Baby - this can be for anything baby related, new, christening, Christmas etc etc!  Easy huh?

So here's a spot of inspiration to get you going

Cute huh?

We'd love to see what you make too.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Challenge 253 - string

Hey who stole a day???  I mean it just like vanished.....

So better late than never here I am!  Thanks to last weeks players - the RPT has chosen Jackie please grab yourself our winners blinkie!

So this week we want some string on your creations - as I'm SO generous I'll accept twine too, how do I do it?

A little inspiration for you

Fab huh?  So don't tie yourself in knots over this one.... I'll get me coat....

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Challenge 252 - Bling

Howdy there folks, as I look out my window it seems our extra summer didn't last long... its grey and rainy!

Still thanks to our players from last week - lovely stuff!  The RPT has done his stuff and he's chosen Chrissy as our winner.  Please grab our winners blinkie!

This week we've decided to brighten things up a bit - lets see some bling!  As always we have some inspiration to share with you.

Lovely huh?

So lets see your bling too - and remember the DT call is still ongoing.  If you're interested in joining an easy going fun team please add DT after your entry or email me at